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August 2017

Where there’s smoke there’s fire

Although they’re just small devices that appear designed to blend into the background, your smoke detectors could prove to be your strongest ally in a fire. If working effectively, they should be able to pull you out of the deepest sleep almost immediately. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind to avoid disaster: 

  • Make a habit of regularly testing your smoke detectors. Just taking a moment to push the test button ensures each detector is still watching over your home. It could save your life! 
  • Avoid placing your detectors too close to the kitchen. The last thing your burnt toast needs is a deafening soundtrack. 
  • The best place for your smoke detectors is outside of the bedrooms. This way, even your family members who sleep like a log will be sure to hear it. Install a detector on every floor of your home, including your basement regardless of whether it is finished. 
  • Do they clash with the colour of your ceiling? Unfortunately, painting your smoke detectors could make them less effective. 
  • Dust your detectors from time to time. The more dust buildup, the less chance of your detector being able to sense smoke and respond. 
  • Avoid using rechargeable batteries, as they can die at any time, leaving you with a smoke detector that doesn’t detect.  
  • Change you smoke detectors every 10 years. Although newer detectors may never look like a sharp addition to your decorating, they’ll at least keep a sharp watch. 

If you follow this advice, your home will always be equipped to loudly cry Fire! when you need it. 

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