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Dégâts d’eau : embauchez des pros!
July 2018

Water damage? Hire a pro!

In the age of DIY and online tutorials that teach you how to do just about anything, some things should still be handled by people who really know their stuff. Water damage is a perfect example.

A matter of time

Water is sneaky—so sneaky that sometimes you can't even see the damage it causes. If you notice water infiltration or flooding, you have to act as quickly as possible. Don't lose precious time weighing the pros and cons of calling in experts, or contacting friends and acquaintances for help. You need to take action immediately to stop the situation from getting any worse. What’s more, certified professionals will resolve the problem a lot faster than your handyman neighbour can—however well-intentioned he may be.

The right equipment

Even if you attempt to fix it yourself with all the determination in the world, you'll still probably be missing the specialized equipment designed to nip these kinds of problems in the bud...not to mention the expert knowledge of all the problems associated with water damage. To dry out and clean a site so that no trace of moisture remains, you need tools, equipment and products that aren’t usually found in a shed.

What you don't see

Once you've dealt with a visible problem, it can be ever so tempting to think that everything is back to normal. Wrong! Even if a damaged item looks dry, there's still a risk of mould. Water makes its way into everything—and quickly. So even if you've dried out the original pool or puddle, the water has already spread elsewhere. A professional will know how to eradicate any trace of humidity for good. Calling the experts will help you avoid mould, structural damage and poor air quality.

The faster you spring to action, the less damage you'll have to deal with. And there’s only one way to get a guarantee that water damage is 100% resolved: hiring certified, experienced professionals. 

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