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Normes et facturation : Kim Cardinal
December 2017

Standards and Billing : Kim Cardinal

When Kim Cardinal finished her degree in office automation, a propane distribution company swooped her up for their team. She liked the job, but the unusual schedule (full-time winters and part-time summers) was holding her back from her full potential.

One night, she was at home reading her Facebook newsfeed and saw a post from a friend who was looking for an assistant for Soresto Trois-Rivières. She immediately sent a message to her friend, who set up a meeting with the owner the very next day. The morning interview went well and Kim was hired on the spot. Some three years later, neither party has ever looked back: Kim likes her job and her team, and her bosses are equally pleased with her work.

As the billing manager for Soresto's Québec City, Lanaudière and Trois-Rivières offices, Kim has personally witnessed the company's steady growth over recent years. "I have more work to do, which is great because it means things are going well for Soresto!" she says.

Kim handles the administrative side of every file. She also has an excellent knowledge of each insurer's standards and procedures, which means she can process files quickly and correctly. "I've been known to spend a night or two studying insurance company standards," she explains, laughing. "But it's given me a lot of good insight for my work." With every insurer having its own unique clauses, Kim's knowledge makes her an expert and a real asset when it comes to navigating files through complex systems.

Like many of her colleagues, Kim likes the fact that every day is different. She's happy to work in such an unpredictable field, where everything can change in a very short amount of time. "But the thing I really like about working at Soresto is that we're all a big family and that the team has a really healthy atmosphere," she says. "I'm really lucky to have happened upon these amazing people." In times of emergency, Kim doesn't hesitate to offer her assistance to others, setting up all the new files as needed and putting the administrative wheels in motion to support each project.

Finally, Kim knows that Soresto is a place where she can grow as an employee. "Contrary to a lot of other places, career advancement is a real possibility at Soresto," she says.  "I've watched some of my co-workers climb the ladder fairly quickly, and my own responsibilities have increased over time, too."

Kim is happy at Soresto. And Soresto is all the more happy that Kim is there.



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