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Soresto Valleyfield s’équipe du système Drymatic
August 2018

Soresto Valleyfield gets the Drymatic System

With a view to better serving our clients, our Valleyfield office has acquired a top-of-the-line tool: the Drymatic System, an incredibly flexible machine that helps dry out water damage more quickly and efficiently than ever.

What's a Drymatic?

It’s a dehumidifier system that continually evaluates moisture levels and ambient temperature and automatically adjusts to appropriate settings for those conditions. When the machine is switched on, it expels overly moist air from the room and replaces it with perfectly dry air.

After the first hour of that, the machine starts recirculating the air, constantly drawing the air from the room and re-heating it until the air reaches pre-set temperatures and humidity levels. The Drymatic then monitors the air based on the user's settings and optimizes the air exchange so that the settings are constantly met.

The Drymatic System also includes mats that help distribute the heat better over surfaces and dry them out more quickly, reducing inconveniences for our clients. The perforated mats are connected to a system that fills them with hot air, and they can be placed on any large surface that needs to be dried out, like floors, walls or ceilings. Hot air circulates in the mats and is propelled onto the moist surface through the many small holes. The mats easily hook up to the heating device with Velcro, which makes for quick installation.

Major advantages

The Drymatic System speeds up drying time because of its advanced control over ambient conditions. The soft mats—which can even be walked on—eliminate the problem of closed-off rooms during drying.

Drymatic mats are a lot more flexible than other models. This means they can be folded and easily installed in difficult to access places or awkward layouts.

When heat is better controlled, it means less chance of scalding. Without the Drymatic, you'd have to install special tents to keep pets away to make sure they don't hurt their paws. Now that’s a thing of the past: the light, constant heat does not damage materials or kitty's little paws.

On top of that, Drymatic is a lot less noisy than the old system. In the past, some clients needed to turn off the system at night, otherwise they couldn't sleep. Now that's also a non-issue: the quiet hum of the machines lets everyone catch some shuteye.

The Octopus System, with long narrow arms of heat, can easily fit into ceilings or along mouldings, reducing the need to make a large hole and cause more damage.

Drymatic came to Soresto Valleyfield at the beginning of the summer, and it’s here to stay! We've only had positive experiences to date, and our satisfied clients are proof that it was an excellent investment. 

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