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Le guichet unique : simple et efficace
March 2018

The Soresto one-stop shop: simple and efficient

Soresto Group operates as a one-stop shop to make life easier for clients and insurers. But what exactly does it mean to be a one-stop shop? In the context of recovering from a disaster, it means fewer headaches, less to manage, lower expenses, fewer people to deal with and more peace of mind. Not bad, eh?

When disaster strikes, there are so many different aspects to address. After first responders do an initial assessment of the damage, the site has to be cleaned up. That's when the cleaning crew swoops in to do a thorough cleaning of everything, from the walls to personal property. These same teams also hunt down and eliminate anything hazardous to your health, like soot or mould, to guarantee that your surroundings are free of any risk. After that, it's often time to rebuild, repaint or renovate...and it's not always easy to decide which miracle worker to trust for these tasks.

That's why our business model is so practical. Some disaster recovery companies clean, dry and get the site ready for reconstruction, in preparation for another company to come and handle the rest. With Soresto, no time is lost waiting for another contractor to take over: we handle everything for you, from A to Z. As soon as the site is ready to be rebuilt or renovated, our construction teams go right in and immediately get to work.

At Soresto, we supervise each step of restoring your property to its original state, from the initial assessment to the completion of the work. This invaluable bird's eye view helps us make the right decisions at the right time. The insured only has to interact with a very small number of people, who are all up to speed on the current situation. And since our project managers coordinate internal teams rather than subcontractors, the work also gets done faster. The end result? People can move back into their homes more quickly—and at a significant savings.

Faster. More efficient. Less expensive. What could be better?

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