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Soresto – Une cheminée bien dégagée pour des Fêtes sans soucis
December 2017

Soresto – A clear mantel and a clean chimney for fire-free holidays.

If you're one of the many people who use their fireplace mantel to hang Christmas stockings or display pretty pine branch decorations, you ought to think twice about that. If you're planning on building a fire in your fireplace, it is absolutely essential to keep the front and top of it free of any objects—even if it means you have do your holiday decorating somewhere else. Because those branches? They'll make your home look nice and festive, but they'll also dry out very quickly. And all it takes is one little spark to graze the branches and turn your winter wonderland into a holiday nightmare.

Did you know that nearly 40% of fires are caused by dirty chimneys? Keeping your chimney clean is the bare minimum you should be doing. In summer or fall, when the weather is still warm, call a trusted professional chimney sweep and have them clean your chimney. It'll spare you a lot of headaches, like soot coming into your house and giving your decor a gothic touch. And of course, if your chimney is blocked, Santa Claus will have a hard time leaving gifts under your tree.

Here's to happy holidays and safe fireplaces! Cheers!
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