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Les feux de l'amour
February 2018

Keep the flame burning (safely) this Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day. And if you're lucky, that means a long romantic fondue dinner, champagne by the fireplace and a candlelit bubble bath. But Valentine's Day is indirectly responsible for a lot of fires every year. Here's how to keep the flame burning, without burning your house down.

Every time you go away...

We can't stress it enough: you should never leave a flame unattended. Even if you need to leave the room just to let the cat in or take the chicken out of the oven, those few seconds are literally all it takes for disaster to strike. It doesn't matter whether the flame in question is from a tealight candle, a fireplace or a religious candle in a tall glass jar—treat them all as you would a child and keep a constant eye on them!

Candles decorated with ribbon, bark or paper are also more risky. Some candles have more than one wick,  which can end up producing an impressive flame and intense enough heat to set nearby objects on fire. If very hot liquefied wax has a chance to build up, it can also have very bad consequences.

Hungry eyes

Same thing goes with your fondue burner. First of all, only refill the burner when it's completely cooled. Refilling the burner while it's still cooling off could send you and your better half to the hospital. Get a second burner if your dinners last several hours.

Clear off the area around the burner, put the burner on a flat surface and make sure there's nothing flammable nearby. Finally, always use a metal cover to extinguish the flame. Once you check all these safety precautions off your list, it's time to get cheesy with your favourite love ballad and delectable fondue. 

This Valentine's Day, the best gift you can give your partner is not setting the house on fire. Well, that and maybe a nice box of chocolates. Happy Valentine's Day!

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