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Estimateur de dommages en bâtiment : Bobby Bonneau
November 2017

Building Estimator : Bobby Bonneau

In 2006, after many years of working in construction as a carpenter/joiner, Bobby Bonneau was hired by an independent adjusting firm. His love for this new job led him to start his own adjusting business in 2009, which became very successful over time. In 2015, he signed on to Soresto Group to continue the adventure, becoming a member of our Rive-Sud team.

Ever since, it's been a honeymoon. Bobby still loves his work as much as he did the day he started. "It's really exciting to discover the story behind a house or a building," he says. "You get a window into people's private worlds and you have this great responsibility of finding what caused such or such disaster." He admits that he sometimes feels a bit of pressure, particularly after natural disasters.

Natural disasters are often the cause of many losses in a concentrated area, which increases the complexity of an adjuster's task. "We closely track extreme weather events — just because it's far away from here doesn't mean we're immune to repercussions in our area. Not only do we need to stay on alert, but we also have to be flexible so we can juggle many clients all at once," he says.

Bobby thrives on action: the more claims there are to handle, the more he feels he's making a difference in people's lives. The adjuster job offers a nice balance: it's one part desk job, where he prepares reports and estimates restoration costs, and another part field work, where he acts as an inspector to pinpoint the cause of the loss. Bobby spends many hours on the road going from one property to another, but he knows that every day will be different.

The work of a property claims adjuster is stimulating. The adjuster's work helps insurance companies provide a benefit for restoration work, and it also helps clients through the stressful situations they're experiencing. According to Bobby, a good adjuster should be curious and thorough by nature. "A lot of days are like rollercoasters, but that also keeps the job interesting," he adds.

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