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March 2018

Ice dams be damned!

Ice dams are those beautiful-looking layers of ice on your roof with icicles hanging down from them. Though they may be a picturesque sight, they're also potential dangerous.


Why do ice dams appear?

Ice dams form when the temperature of your attic becomes warmer than the freezing point. Because the air in the attic is warmer, it causes the first layer of snow on your roof to melt and run down toward the roof edge. But since your roof edge doesn't receive the "heat" from the attic, the water refreezes.
All of this happens over a long period of time, eventually forming those lovely icicles that can grow to spectacular sizes. If you don't reduce the temperature of your attic, the snow continues to melt, but the water gets trapped in the ice dam and cannot roll off the roof. And as you know, if water cannot take one path, it will take another. That other path is, unfortunately, often through the walls of your home.


How to avoid the formation of ice dams?

The solution: Make sure your attic is colder than 0 degrees (Celsius). You can't do anything to stop the heat from the sun, but you can make sure that your roof is properly ventilated and insulated, and that your attic fans are doing their job. And of course, getting advice from an expert will be even more useful and will help you pinpoint the biggest issues worth investing money in.

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