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Coordonnatrice, division Construction : Julie Madore
December 2017

Coordinator, Construction Department : Julie Madore

After 7 years in Montreal, Julie Madore started dreaming of returning to her roots. As though by telepathy, a family member called right at that moment to offer her a secretary position with a disaster recovery business in Sherbrooke. Julie snapped up the opportunity and moved back home to Sherbrooke at the beginning of the 2000s, to begin what would become her career.

Julie became the assistant to an adjuster and a coordinator. Thanks to them, she learned the tools of the trade, learned how to decipher estimates, and gradually became able to identify which resources are required to perform reconstruction jobs and how much time the work should take. With some good mentoring from her colleagues, she gained a lot of experience and got a promotion.

In 2011, Julie joined the Soresto Eastern Townships team, which was making a major transition from providing cleaning services to becoming a one-stop-shop for reconstruction services. It was the first disaster recovery business in the Eastern Townships to position itself as a turn-key solution to insurance companies, and this new approach was well-received by insurers. 

In addition to managing renovation and reconstruction work, the construction department coordinator has to foster solid relationships with the team and provide outstanding customer service. "You can never forget that each client you do business with is going through a difficult situation," she explains. "My job is to help them through it and make sure the work gets completed exactly how they want it." For her role, she also has to visit job sites on a regular basis to monitor the progress of the work and ensure the quality is up to standards.  "Renovation is an expertise in and of itself. You have to make something new out of something old, which means you have to work with a lot of constraints."

Today, Julie is a master of her domain. She loves that her time is split between work sites and the office, and she's always proud when projects go smoothly. She also appreciates her relationship with her team. "With all the hours we spend working, life is a lot more pleasant with great co-workers," she says, smiling. "And at Soresto, we're one big family." Julie listens to her Soresto family and respects them, and vice versa, as any tight-knit family would do.


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