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Chargé de projet en construction : Robin Riendeau
December 2017

Construction Project Manager : Robin Riendeau

Robin Riendeau, a member of the Soresto Granby team since 2013, never set out to be a construction project manager. He was originally a joiner on restoration sites and liked helping to return damaged properties to their original state. With his skills and very outgoing personality, he had carved out a nice place for himself on the team.

One day, Robin's boss called him into his office to tell him that the current project manager had left, and that he wanted Robin to replace him. "Twenty minutes later, I walked out of his office with a new job and a lot of new responsibilities," he recalls with a smile. Since then, he's been managing all of Soresto Granby's construction projects and sees it as an incredible opportunity.

In addition to allocating internal employees' time, Robin also manages specialized subcontractors like electricians and plumbers. Each project is unique, and he has to make sure that each one goes smoothly, from sending the right amount of people for the job to getting the work completed on time. It's a task that's sometimes easier said than done, especially when there are several construction sites operating all at once and unpredictables that could derail a project at any time!

Robin also knows that he's more than a project manager. "Our clients are going through extremely difficult situations," he explains. "In addition to being left without a home, they need to let a team of strangers invade their privacy for what can be a long time, depending on the work that needs to be done." Construction project managers need to have a lot of empathy and an understanding of psychology so they can support clients and make them feel they are in good hands.

One year after his appointment as project manager, Robin is still just as happy in his new role. "I have a great team that always generates a nice atmosphere on job sites," he says. "And that's something that really comforts our clients."

No matter what the job is, from repainting a few walls to rebuilding an entire kitchen, you can count on Robin to take care of it all for you.

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