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Ébénisterie : André Sauvageau, ébéniste réputé
May 2018

Cabinetmaking: André Sauvageau, renowned cabinetmaker

Four years ago, cabinetmaker André Sauvageau set his toolbox down at Soresto Trois-Rivières. Since then, he's been putting his talent to work for the many customers who call upon his services.

Learning from the masters

André Sauvageau got into cabinetmaking more than 25 years go. Like everyone else, he started at the bottom of the ladder, learning the basics like how to use the tools, draw up estimates and interpret plans. Over time, through trial and error, patience and determination, he honed his craft and built a career that's as strong and stable as the furniture he makes.
"You have to learn cabinetmaking from people who have been doing it for years," says André. "Because I had master cabinetmakers who explained the tools of the trade to me, I was able to finetune my method, learn what works and what doesn't, and pick up valuable tips that still come in handy today." As someone who has always loved working with his hands, André finds the profession very satisfying. Cabinetwork makes uses of his talent and knowledge, and he gets to apply techniques that he developed together with his mentors.

Disaster recovery: A whole new world

A decade ago, André was offered a cabinetmaker position in a disaster recovery firm. At the time, he didn't know much about this line of work, but he was curious and up for a change. He soon found out that post-disaster renovation and reconstruction is quite different from building from scratch.
"In disaster recovery, you have to learn to work within a whole different set of parameters than when you build new," says André. "For example, you have to work with constraints from insurers and with the existing materials. This challenge forces me to be creative and approach projects differently."
Since Soresto Trois-Rivières also offers non-emergency renovation and construction, André often finds himself working with a wide variety of conditions from one project to the next. But whether a disaster is involved or not, one thing is for sure: André is never bored.

An exciting career

Since he signed on at Soresto, André has seen everything under the sun. He's helped build or renovate more homes than he can count. And since every project is unique, there's never a dull moment. "When I started working in disaster recovery, I had to begin working within the parameters set by insurance companies," he explains. "It required me to think outside the box and look for innovative ways to achieve the end-goal." In addition to completing one project after another, André can count on the family-like atmosphere at Soresto Trois-Rivières to make his days even more satisfying.
As a craftsman, a cabinetmaker needs to be patient and thorough and pay very close attention to details for whatever project comes their way. And in addition to building or renovating homes, a cabinetmaker also has to build trust with clients and listen to their needs.
André has been doing exceptional work since he joined Soresto Trois-Rivières, and we hope he'll continue with us for years to come!
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