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Claire Favreau, technicienne comptable, Soresto Drummondville
December 2017

Accounting Technician : Claire Favreau

When you ask Claire Favreau how she started working at Soresto, her face lights up with a smile. "Oh, my story is really unusual," she warns. Indeed, you learn quickly that what led Claire to the disaster recovery field was nothing other than...a disaster.

The story begins in winter 1993. At the time, Claire was working for a company that was going to shut down in a couple of weeks. The were only two people left—Claire and her boss—and Claire agreed to work to the very end, so she could close the books properly and make sure that the business was dissolved according to the law. One day, she arrived at work and saw that one of the trucks parked in the garage had gone up in flames. A dense layer of black soot covered absolutely everything, making it impossible to work. But Claire was determined to keep working anyway—after all, there were things to do!

She set up a makeshift desk in an unheated space and got down to business. Day after day, she trudged to the office and toiled away with her coat and gloves on. When the crew from the cleaning and restoration company (the predecessor to Soresto) showed up a few days later, they were flabbergasted at the sight of Claire, all bundled up and pushing through her work despite the fire.

They were so impressed by her dedication and ability to improvise that they asked her to come work for them. It's worth mentioning that, at the time, Soresto Drummondville only had two people and the company had a substantial need for more staff. "I was soon going to be out of a job," Claire recounts. "So I gladly accepted the business owner's offer."

Over the years, Claire would witness major changes at Soresto as the company grew. Today, she's just as dedicated and meticulous, and she oversees accounting for the four oldest Soresto offices as well as all of Soresto Group's finances. And if she's been with Soresto for so long, it's because the company offers a work environment based on trust and respect, where employees have a lot of freedom. And as she says, there's always going to be plenty of work in this field, since disasters will never stop happening. The world will never have enough people like Claire!


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