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Grands vents, grands dangers!
July 2018

High winds mean high danger!

High winds usually blow through town in summer, leaving a trail of destruction behind them. There’s no way to stop wind from being...well, windy. But there are some precautions you can take to reduce the risk of damage wind can cause.

Inspect the trees and shrubs around your home.

When you think about strong winds, your first thought is probably uprooted trees or broken tree limbs crushing a car or a house. And you wouldn't be wrong—fallen trees can do serious damage to your property. But have you thought about the danger of leaves? That's right, leaves! Wind storms send a massive amount of leaves into eavestroughs and drains. If you don't remove them, you also run the risk of water infiltration. Finally, check all your public utility cables (i.e. internet, electricity, and phone lines).

Inspect your roof!

Check your roof not just after high winds, but on a regular basis. It only takes one shingle to fall before everything else follows suit. Your roof is your first line of defense against bad weather, and wind can do serious damage to it. If you notice any wear, or if you think it could use some work, call a roofing contractor. Because believe us, roof repair is not a DIY kind of job—and, if you do try to repair your roof on your own, your insurance might not cover any future problems.

Put away any patio furniture, decorations and toys.

If you have any outdoor tables and chairs, potted plants or any other portable items in your yard or on your balcony, don't leave them out there. Not only could they break, but they also could end up banging up against your house and causing damage. Put them in your shed or garage—or, if you don't have one, stack them together into a compact pile.

Once you've safeguarded your home with these tips, the only thing left to do is to wait out the storm and hope that your property will be spared. But if wind does end up damaging your property, take photos and contact your insurance company right away.

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