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March 2016

Three estimators with something to be proud of

At Soresto, we believe that well-trained employees are a real asset for our company. This is why we provided level 1 and 2 Xactimate certification to our estimators. We wanted to help them grow, of course, but we also wanted to guarantee quality to our customers.

While all of the estimators who took the certification exam did very well, three of them stood out. So we got together with them to talk about their career paths.

Karolanne Leduc, Soresto Estrie employee for almost two years
Jacob Forcier, Soresto Trois-Rivières employee for just over five years
Brian Miller, Soresto Montreal employee for six months

What led you to specialize in property damage evaluation?

KL: I studied architectural and design drawing. By chance, David Forcier (head of Soresto Estrie) hired me to redo his house plans. I did such a good job that he asked me to come work for him!

JF: You could say that I was born into it. My father is the head of a Soresto division. So I started out as a student at the bottom of the ladder, working various jobs like cleaning and demolition. For almost a year now, I’ve been working as an estimator and I really enjoy it.

BM: I was also born into it! But let me assure you – that’s not a job requirement. My dad was a claims adjuster for insurance companies. I followed his footsteps, starting out as a field technician.

What do you like the most about your job?

KL: Easy – no two days are alike. I like dealing with something new every day. You could say I’m set!

JF: Helping people. Property damage is no joke. And I like knowing that I’m getting people out of an unpleasant situation. Plus, like Karolanne said, each job is different. I learn something new every day.

BM: It’s really satisfying to help customers who are underwater. It feels great to know that we’re taking a load off their shoulders.

How did you prepare for the certification exam?

KL: I work with the software every day, so I learned how to use it on the job. And I’ve got to admit that I picked up a lot from David’s in-depth training.

JF: I played around with the software and made mock estimates to practice. But like Karolanne said, the best way to become familiar with the software is really to use it every day.

BM: Am I allowed to say that I didn’t prepare at all? Jokes aside, I’ve been using the software for around seven years. But it hasn’t always been fun and games. It took some solid training for me to really get it. And after years of practice, I can say that I’ve mastered it.

How will Xactimate certification help you with your day-to-day tasks?

KL: It will save me a lot of time. I learned things that I didn’t know and that can save me precious seconds.

JF: That’s exactly it – time! Like in every other office, time is a precious commodity. Shortcuts and quick keys help me finish my estimates quicker, giving me more time for other tasks.

BM: It will legitimize our work in the eyes of insurance companies; it proves that we have what it takes to do good estimates.

The entire Soresto team congratulates Karolanne, Jacob and Brian. Great job!



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