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August 2016

Soresto gets people moving!

Soresto Group is pleased to financially support the SSQ Quebec City Marathon and help make it a success. This major run/walk event will take place August 26-28, 2016, in the Quebec City area, and it was important to Soresto to give this important organisation a little extra momentum as a donor. Funds raised will be given to Accès-Loisirs Québec, an organisation that makes athletic, cultural and outdoor activities available for free to low-income people, making it possible for them to participate in social activities they are typically excluded from.
Soresto's general manager, Pénélope Durand, is proud of the company's donation. "At Soresto, it's important to us to work hard but also enjoy life. We realize that not everyone has easy access to the outdoors and recreational activities though, so we wanted to do our part and help people in the community to unwind and disconnect from their daily routine."
The SSQ Quebec City Marathon features several races, including the SSQ Health 5K, the Oasis 10K, the Half-Marathon, and the Tanguay Kids Run. If you can't personally make it out to the races, we encourage you to make a donation, too.  It's sure to make a big difference for the less fortunate among us.
We hope to see you at the end of the month! Until then, we'll be doing our stretches, getting out our noisemakers and preparing to spend some time in Mother Nature's living room.
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