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June 2017

Groupe Soresto is hiring! Post-disaster technician position available

Soresto is looking to hire one post-disaster emergency technician for Montreal and Granby.

The post-disaster emergency technician is responsible for assessing and mitigating damage and restoring damaged homes and property to their pre-loss condition. This person may be called on a job at all hours to respond to flooding, fire and contamination, as well as other events like crime, vandalism and oil spills. He or she is often the first responder at the site of the disaster.

Technical training is offered by Soresto. 

The emergency technicians will have the following responsibilities:


  • Choose the right products and the right processes to get the client’s property fixed and ready as quickly as possible.
  • Dispose of damaged materials.
  • Make regular inspections to follow the work being done.
  • Keep clients informed about their project’s progress. 

The ideal candidates will also have the following job requirements:


  • An excellent sense of smell to notice persistent bad odours
  • An excellent sense of sight to observe any abnormalities
  • An excellent sense of touch to remain keenly aware of the condition of the surfaces
  • Empathy for clients
  • Versatility, availability
  • Valid driver’s licence
  • Knowledge of the insurance industry is an asset
  • IICRC certification is also an asset

Please send your CV to info@soresto.ca before July 10, 2017. Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted for an interview.

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