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July 2016

A practical guide for a worry-free vacation

Vacation time has finally arrived. Whether you’re taking a cruise down the Danube, hiking the Inca trail, or camping with old friends, it’s always a good idea to prevent your trip from turning into a nightmare. A disaster can happen at any time! So here are a few tips on spending your holiday with peace of mind.
  • Give your insurance broker or agent a call and check your coverage during an extended absence. It would be unfortunate if your time away invalidates your coverage.
  • Also, note that your insurance company may decide not to cover damages that occurred while you were drinking champagne on the quays of the Seine if you are not able to prove that someone was taking care of your home.
  • Just ask a relative or a nice neighbour to drop by your home regularly to check the house, pick up mail, mow the lawn, water the plants, verify that there is no water damage, and, in short, be an attentive watchful eye. Give the person the details of your insurance because you never know.
  • Ask that same neighbour to park their car in your driveway to make as if there are people at your home.
  • Turn off the water heater. You don’t need hot water if you’re not there.
  • Unplug electrical appliances that won’t be used, and equip certain lamps with a timer. This way, your devices won’t be damaged if there is a power failure, followed by a power surge when power is resumed.
  • Avoid announcing your departure on social media, especially if your profiles are not restricted to friends and very close acquaintances.
  • And don’t forget to take out the garbage before you leave…
Vacation time is THE time of the year to feel free, recharge batteries, and forget e-mails, meetings, traffic and making lunches for the kids. By taking these small steps, you’re sure to leave with peace of mind, knowing you’ve done everything you could to avoid unpleasant surprises at home. All that’s left will be
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