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February 2016

Our estimators move on to the next level

On January 20, 2016, the 13 estimators at the Soresto Group took their Level 1 certification exams for Xactimate 28 estimation software. Assembled for the occasion in a hotel on the South Shore of Montreal, they put their knowledge to test. The results are in: every estimator on the team passed this first level with flying colours. "Our estimators should be very proud,” said Penelope Durand, CEO of the Soresto Group. “This certification is quite difficult to acquire. One must assimilate a serious amount of content, develop good reflexes, and have considerable knowledge at their fingertips."

The Soresto Group stands out from its competitors by allowing all of its estimators to acquire advanced knowledge in the use their primary work tool. Soresto is the only group of post-disaster experts where all appraisers are Xactimate-certified. Going beyond basic training, this certification is proof that the participants have truly understood and processed the material. "This is more than the evidence that someone just attended a simple training session. Certification is concrete proof that our employees have mastered both the practical and the theoretical side of the subject matter," continued Ms. Durand.

With a minimum required passing grade of 70%, Xactimate certification shows that those who acquire it are the best in their industry. Some 2,200 appraisers across the country have this certification. By investing in training its employees, the Soresto Group shows its dedication to offering its clients the very best in service and advice. "It doesn’t stop here: level 2 certification takes place the first week of February. The team of Soresto estimators will be there, and we’re sure they’ll do just as well again!" Penelope Durand concluded.
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