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February 2016

House mold: How to manage the pesky fungus


You’ve probably discovered a fuzzy patch of mold growing on a loaf of bread, but what do you do when you find it growing in your home? Mold can grow after water damage or if improper finishing traps moisture. A naturally occurring organism, mold plays an essential role in the decomposition of organic matter. And to the delight of foodies, it can also be used to make fine cheeses in controlled doses. But when it starts growing in a house, it affects air quality and can negatively impact your health.

While not always toxic, it should always be avoided

Mold reproduces by producing small spores that float through the air. Depending on the type of mold, some spores can contain and emit toxins, or even microbial volatile organic compounds that create a characteristic musty odour. As tiny as they are, these spores can cause serious damage to our health and property.

When exposed to mold, those most at risk of developing respiratory problems are children, the elderly and people with a weakened immune system (like those who are sick or recovering from surgery). Symptoms often resemble a persistent cold, and prolonged exposure can even cause asthma.

Say goodbye to mold!

Does your house have a mold problem? It’s time to bring out the big guns!

  1. Cut off all sources of excessive moisture
  2. Clean all contaminated belongings and rooms
  3. Dispose of heavily damaged porous materials
  4. Restore the property
  5. Regularly follow up after decontamination

Mold spores are extremely tenacious. In fact, they can remain viable for years, even in dry conditions. If there’s moisture, all bets are off! Plus, it is impossible to completely eliminate mold spores because of their microscopic size and volatility. This is why it is so important to eliminate as much mold as possible and resolve all moisture problems to keep spores from proliferating in the future.

Soresto’s advice

Decontamination is an art. Just as you wouldn’t trust your car with an apprentice mechanic, don’t make the mistake of hiring just anyone to decontaminate your home. As professionals, we have the knowledge, resources and techniques to clean the air in your home by stamping out the problem at the source. But keep in mind that all mold-contaminated areas larger than 100 square feet must be reported to Quebec’s Ministère de la Santé et des Services Sociaux.

Soresto provides a full range of services to solve your home’s mold problem.

  • Decontamination
  • Clean up
  • Water removal

Mold’s no match for us!


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