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January 2016

The post-disaster technician, an ally in a difficult period

You came home from the cottage to find your basement flooded; you’re renovating and after taking down a wall, you find yourself facing a serious fungal contamination; a gang of thugs threw stones at your windows and scrawled graffiti on your brickwork. Yes, you’ll be furious, you’ll cry, you’ll be mad as can be. And rightly so. But you’ll also call your insurer, who will recommend you contact post-disaster experts to help get you out of this mess.

That’s when the post-disaster technician begins to work their magic. This is the person who, following the protocol of the company for whom they work, will be like the best player on the field, playing specifically for you. With their extensive knowledge of the damage caused by various sources (water, fire, contamination, etc.) they will be able to choose the right products and the right processes to get your house fixed and ready as quickly as possible. They’ll be there in the thick of it and will do everything possible to help you out.

The post-disaster technician will dispose of damaged materials and will keep track of which goods to protect or restore, they will serve as middleman between you and other parties, they will make regular inspections to follow the work being done, and they will be able to get you information about your project’s progress. Basically, the post-disaster technician is your on-site angel, the person who will make things happen and who will make recommendations according to their findings.

Not only are they versatile and able to conduct field operations, the post-disaster technician must have keen senses: an excellent sense of smell to notice persistent bad odours, an excellent sense of sight to observe any abnormalities, and an excellent sense of touch to remain keenly aware of the condition of the surfaces. All told, they must be quite the sly fox!

Serving as your eyes and your arms on-site, the post-disaster technician will get things going, and will ensure that work progresses and that your home takes shape. They are empathetic, and they understand better than anyone else how difficult this is on you – they’ll do everything they can to get you out of this situation as quickly as possible and to your utmost satisfaction.

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